Opposites United: Artists from diverse backgrounds converge

As part of Opposites United live performances, artists from diverse backgrounds converge, transcending cultural and musical divides driven by a tension towards unexplored territories of the sound and the mind. Their collaboration fosters a rich tapestry of sounds, weaving together traditions and innovations. As rhythms intertwine and stories unite, they forge new grounds of expression, defeating, deconstructing and transforming their diverse cultural backgrounds into something new. Something universal and resonating, beyond borders, with a global audience.

  • Liv.e

    American avant-R&B artist Liv.e is hard to pin down, with her eclectic and deboarding clash of funk, psychedelic soul and drum and bass matched by equally intimate and esoteric lyrics. Celebrating and deconstructing canons are the ingredients that shape Liv.e’s worldbuilding artistry.


  • Oliver Coates

    British cellist and performer Oliver Coates pushes the boundaries of this classical instrument forward by experimenting with electronic and ambient music. Music is used to explore the realm of memory and intimacy, which becomes a blurry sonic canvas, as heard in his acclaimed scores for Aftersun and Occupied City.


  • Moonchild Sanelly

    South-African musician Moonchild Sanelly is the ambassador of the self-defined genre “Future Ghetto Funk”, which updates the sonic and identitarian canons and themes of Black music – including amapiano, gqom, hip hop, funk and kwaito – bridging the present of the genre with its heritage.


  • Cortex of Light

    Hypnotising and kaleidoscopic, Cortex of Light is a collaborative project between Aitch, Piezo and primordial OOze / xàr num which explores new ways to alter relations between body, mind and sound. They will present for the first time on stage an A/V set with the participation of visual artist Francesco Tosini and light designers Bianca Peruzzi and Vitaly Weber.


  • SHERELLE + Flowdan

    London-based DJ and producer, SHERELLE is the co-founder of labels such as Hooversound and Beautiful, with the latest being also a musical project for Black and LGBT artists. Flowdan is a veteran of British MCing, with his venomous and sharp lines that made him the undisputed frontman when featuring on Skrillex and Fred Again’s anthem “Rumble”, grammy award winner song. Moving across footwork and jungle, together they embody a bridge between the heritage of the sound of the Caribbean diaspora in London and the culture’s present.


  • Simo Cell

    For the French musician and producer opposites are at constant play, shaping a musical identity that transcends geographical boundaries. As his production bridges UK codes, typical of the Bristol sound, with a wider background of electronic music, conceptually Simo Cell’s body of work is equally informed by the great outdoors and computer game culture, by his classical guitar training and by the realm of clubbing.


  • Stenny b2b Giesse

    The harshness of Stenny’s seamless encounter of techno, IDM and bass music forged by his upbringing in the post-industrial suburbia of Turin meet with Giesse’s love for minimalistic synth research and dub, burgeoned in Umbria via Berlin. Their b2b liaison defeats genre boundaries, to trace a geography of sound anew diffused with introspective sensitivity.



    Since 2017 with debut album Weightless, Spanish producer and performer JASSS has been making waves for her ability of establishing new paths where techno, leftfield sounds and maximalist pop meet, sometimes even with dark-edged, hardcore and punky attitude. An artist in constant evolution, JASSS takes us on a musical journey in which apparent contrasts become a springboard for new horizons.